Recordant l'èxit científic més important de Stephen Hawking

Traducció de l’article Remembering Stephen Hawking’s Greatest Scientific Accomplishment — and My Famous Bet Against Him, de John Preskill, publicat el 15/03/2018 a la revista Time.

Preskill ocupa la càtedra de física teòrica Richard P. Feynman a l'Institut Tecnològic de Califòrnia.

Diccionari de Sinònims de Frases Fetes de M.Teresa Espinal, versió en línia i en nous formats

L'edició en línia del Diccionari de Sinònims de Frases Fetes (DSFF), de M.Teresa Espinal, és accessible des de fa uns dies a

Diccionari de sinònims d'Albert Jané, fora de línia

He convertit el diccionari de sinònims d'Albert Jané a formats fora de línia perquè es pugui consultar més còmodament. Es pot baixar aquí:

csvfaker - Generate CSV files from the command line

csvfaker is a command line tool to generate sample CSV files using Faker.

To install it, run:
$ pip install csvfaker

Best Chrome extensions for Web Developers

Drupal guide for developers

It's still very short, but a few months ago I started a Drupal guide: Drupal 7 guide for Professional Developers.

Although it's a very personal, biased document, it's also a wiki that anyone can edit and improve.

Adding JavaScript and CSS to every page in Drupal without using hook_init()

The problem of adding CSS or javascript inside a hook_init() implementation, is that the hook is called during _drupal_bootstrap_full(), and will run in cases where we are not delivering HTML (such as AJAX requests). Even if this does not have any visible effect, as the html is never outputted in these requests, it unnecessarily penalises them.

Update a field without saving the full node in Drupal

jQuery.cookie in Drupal 7

Apparently, it's not documented, but Drupal core includes the jQuery.cookie library.

The most useful drush commands (Drupal 7)

Here I will try to maintain a drush cheat sheet with the list of drush commands I use most often. The full and short version of some commands are used interchangeably.

The most useful git commands

Here there are some examples of git commands that I use often.

Connecting to UPF's VPN on Linux, using vpnc

I remember that I used this some time ago, and that the official documentation on the UPF website was (and maybe still is) obsolete.

Automatically rebooting the DSL router when the Internet connection is lost

I had this script running some time ago in my wifi router (which was running TomatoUSB, a Linux-based firmware available for some Broadcom-based ethernet routers).