csvfaker - Generate CSV files from the command line

csvfaker is a command line tool to generate sample CSV files using Faker.

To install it, run:
$ pip install csvfaker

$ csvfaker --rows 5 name job company
Crissie Morissette,Academic librarian,Kihn-Cronin
Jazmyne McKenzie,"Radiographer, therapeutic",Lynch-Kris
Miss Kristal Feest,"Civil engineer, contracting",Schuppe and Sons
Jacque Macejkovic,Theatre manager,"Crist, Robel and Cormier"
Leora Johnston,Food technologist,Funk-Frami

Is probably fast enough:
$ time csvfaker --rows 100000 name job company > file.csv
real 0m6.215s
user 0m6.111s
sys 0m0.087s

For all available options, see csvfaker --help.

That is the second csv-related tool I create because I couldn't find an existing solution. The first one was csvshuf.